JR2x Dual Extruder Upgrade Now Available!

Upgrade your HD 3D printer to a dual extruder powerhouse!

Airwolf 3D is proud to announce the JR2x upgrade kit for the current HD line of 3D printers. The dual extruder upgrade features conjoined print heads which allow you to print in two colors or two different materials. The possibilities are endless. Those bothersome overhangs and break away supports are now a thing of the past. Want to make your parts look more interesting? Print in two colors to add flavor to your prints and create a great impact with your customers. Airwolf 3D has been testing the new hotend on previous HD models, and the results are superb!

Need to print in high-temperature materials like nylon and polycarbonate? The JR2x Upgrade Kit has you covered. The new JR2x hotend not only prints in two colors/materials, but can also reach temperatures of 320C for printing these engineering-grade filaments. No need to change extruders, the JR2x can do it all!

The JR2x dual extruder upgrade is available for all versions of the HD and is easy to install. With a full set of instructions for converting your machine, installing the upgrade will be a breeze. Stand out from the pack, get your JRx Dual Extruder Upgrade today!

JR2x_web dual-materials