Airwolf 3D Now Selling Polycarbonate Filament!


Polycarbonate Filament is Finally Here!


Starting off at Airwolf 3D, the first materials that we began to carry were ABS and PLA.  Shortly after, Bridge Nylon was added to the lineup.  Now officially joining the Airwolf 3D team is Polycarbonate!  We understand that the key to successful 3D prints is good, quality material.  With Airwolf 3D’s new line of Polycarbonate filament, there is no excuse for anything but high-quality prints.  We test each batch ourselves to ensure the high standards of each print.  We want to make sure that the spools of Polycarbonate continue to remain consistent in diameter and are the absolute top quality for our customers.

As desktop 3D printing continues to grow, the standard printing materials may not always be the best choice for the task at hand. Some engineers require a strong, durable material for their models. They need to generate prints that when put to the test with functioning prototypes, will prevail in success due to the strength of the material. This is precisely where Polycarbonate filament fills in the void. It is a high-temperature material with great layer to layer bonding due to the maximal heat resistance.  Polycarbonate provides an excellent finish when printed. One of our customers even mentioned that it reminded her of jewelry and called Polycarbonate “the diamond of the filaments.”


Airwolf 3D’s new Polycarbonate filament is 100% USA manufactured and comes on a sturdy plastic spool in a thick sealed package with desiccant. The diameter of the material is 2.88mm +/-0.10 and the weight is 2.1lb +/- 0.1. The maximum printing temperature will reach 315 degrees Celsius. The 2.2-pound spool is compatible with Airwolf 3D models: AW3D HDx and AW3D HD2x Desktop 3D Printers. It is also compatible with AW3D HD, AW3D XL, AW3D 5.5 with the JRx hotend upgrade. While supplies last, the Polycarbonate is $98 so do not waste any more time and go buy yourself a spool of Polycarbonate!


Buy Polycarbonate filament for your 3D printer here:  Polycarbonate Filament