Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week: 3D Printed Bronze Skull

3D Printed Bronze Skull

“You’re just hard headed.” A few of us at Airwolf 3D may hear that every now and then but we’re no where near as hard headed as our Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week the 3D Printed Bronze Skull!


This week at Airwolf, we got a new material to try out on our machines: colorFabb bronzeFill. For a while, the holy grail of 3D printing has been metals and metal-like materials. Well, colorFabb brings the prosumer market one step closer to that goal with their new bronze particle infused PLA/PHA filament. “What should we print?” we asked ourselves. After putting our heads together, we decided “Why not a head?” Well, actually a skull but you get the picture. So the Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the 3D Printed Bronze Skull!

3D Printed Bronze filament spool
Utilising the bronzeFill filament, we created a very unique piece of artwork. Artwork that can spice up a neighborhood haunted house, but would feel right at home on the Hollywood set of your favorite cowboy crusader movies. The capability of 3D Printing Bronze filled filament on a 3D Printed Bronze Partsdesktop size printer created a whole new realm of possibilities for you, the user. And like with all the other 16+ filaments the Airwolf 3D line of printers can use, we have already made settings for you. That’s right, hours of guesswork and wasted material are something you don’t have to worry about because we’ve already done it, aren’t we nice. Here are our recommended settings for printing with Bronzefill:

  • Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm
  • Extruder Temperature: 210 °C
  • Bed Temperature: 0 °C

Now the 3D Printed Bronze Skull didn’t come off the printer shining like a freshly minted penny but don’t worry. 3D Printed Bronze Skull SandingWith a little determination and elbow grease you too can have a great looking part that will have people saying I can’t believe its not bronze. Using a couple pieces of sandpaper and one of those cool headlight polishing kits, we polished up this skull in just a couple hours of rewarding work. The sandpapers used were: 150, 220, 400, 600, 1500, Polishing Kit.

We can’t wait to see what treasures you make on your Airwolf 3d printer with 3D Printed Bronze!

3d printing bronze skull
Celtic Skull by artec3d, published on Thingiverse on Aug 24, 2012

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