Airwolf 3D printing from NX software at Siemens PLM Convention in Florida

3D printing from NX

From NX to your Airwolf desktop 3D printer with one click!  3D Printing from NX Software by Siemens

Do you use NX by Siemens?  It is a very robust CAD/CAM/CAE software used by top engineering professionals.   NX is an integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solution that helps companies deliver better products faster and more efficiently.

Now your models can go directly from your NX screen to your Airwolf 3D printer.   Siemens is demonstrating an Airwolf 3D printer and the NX interface at the PLM Convention in Florida.

Would you like to learn more about this?  3D printing from NX software is a snap!  Drop us an email at: (subject line:  Siemens NX interface).

3D printing from NX Siemens NX 3D printer