Unboxing 3D Printer Video- AW3D HD/ HDx

Airwolf 3D Adds More 3D Printing Instructional Videos to its Fast Growing Library- Unboxing 3D Printer Video

Airwolf 3D has been busy making a series of instructional videos about how to 3D print using the HD 3D printer. To add to the growing library of instructional videos, we have added the Unboxing the Airwolf HD/ HDx 3D Printer Video. To ensure our products don’t take damage in shipping, we have created a custom foam cut packaging system that protects the printer to the highest degree. Unboxing can be a little tricky, so follow this Unboxing 3D Printer video and rest assured that you will take your printer out of the box the correct way.

Tools needed:

Wire cutters ( or something similar to cut zip ties)

Razor blade or box cutter

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