Desktop Engineering: AW3D HDx Personal 3D Printer is Editor’s Pick of the Week

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Airwolf 3D AW3D HDx Personal 3D Printer Selected Editor’s Pick of the Week by Desktop Engineering

Affordable 3D printer that builds prototypes with engineering-grade materials intrigues Editor at Large.

DUBLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USADesktop Engineering ( announces that the new AW3D HDx, a low-cost desktop-sized personal 3D printer that builds prototypes with engineering-grade materials from Airwolf 3D (Costa Mesa, CA) is its Editor’s Pick of the Week for May 28, 2014.

HDx_4“AW3D HDx has two key attributes,” says Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Desktop Engineering. “The first is it’s affordable – a hair less than 3500 bucks [and] … this personal 3D printer can build your prototypes out of engineering-grade materials like polycarbonate, bridge nylon and nylon 645 … which usually are the province of much more expensive systems.”

“The trick here is that … the AW3D HDx uses the company’s JRx hot end for 3D printers,” he explains. “The JRx can continuously hold temperatures of up to 599°F, which lets you use those more durable materials. Airwolf says the JRx incorporates some patent-pending technology to feed materials through the hot end and thus extrude a layer of materials. A proprietary thermal barrier ensures everything runs smoothly.”

“The potential here seems boundless,” says Lockwood. “Engineering and design offices could conceivably afford multiple AW3D HDx 3D printers. Depending upon your application, the ability to use engineering-grade materials means that you can get into creating some small-run and even one-off production parts, which could be a new line of business for small design and engineering firms. For the entrepreneur working out back in the garage, this could be as liberating as the first personal computers for the home were.”

Read the full Editor’s Pick of the Week at “Personal 3D Printer Uses Engineering-Grade Materials.”

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