Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the 3D-2D-3D Icosahedron

What better use of a 3D Printer than to 3D print a 2D object and then make it 3D again?

Icosahedron 2

When people hear “3D Printing” for the first time, they often think of an image printed on paper that you use those funky red and blue glasses to read. Rarely do they realize the capabilities of 3D Printing and the potential it truly has. This potential is what inspires all of us at Airwolf 3D to push the boundaries of 3D Printing and discover new useful techniques and tricks.Icosahedron 1

Why 3D-2D-3D you ask, well we 3D printed an essentially  2D part and then folded it up to make a 3D part. Confusing right. Sure, we could have just printed an Icosahedron fully assembled, but where’s the fun in that. Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and trying things people haven’t even thought of keeps us going each day. This part may be simple but the concept is complex and it brings a whole new dimension to 3D printing somewhere between 2 and 3D, its almost 2.5D. Parts like this continue to showcase the awesome capabilities of 3D printing and the new possibilities it has created. Icosahedron 4