Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is Custom Fit Kiteboard Footstraps

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Awesome customer video! Custom kiteboard footstraps designed for better take off and riding.

 coolest 3d printed thing by serge

“I use a 3d printer (Airwolf3D 5.5 model) to customize my kiteboard footstraps. While the Naish Ally bindings are cool looking, they did not fit my feet properly and I would come off the straps way too easily. I redesigned the brackets to change the angle of the strap and more recently added an attachment point to add another rear bungee strap to prevent my foot to slide off during more advance tricks (raleys, darkslides,…)… This video is about the making and assembly of my second version of these brackets. This video also demonstrates that 3d printed parts (ABS) are quite resistant and can be used for many “real” applications.”

“I have been using my printer for over one year now and I truly enjoy the possibilities that it has opened for me.
I use it almost weekly for various projects, including custom parts design and manufacturing for my kiteboarding equipment.
Very often one of the questions I get is: “how stress/strain resistant are the printed parts?”
Well, this video speaks for itself. I have been designing and printing custom design brackets for my foot straps and used them for over a year.
I just replaced them because I wanted to add a feature (back strap), which this video is about.
The load on the straps is actually not “huge” since each bracket hold only quarter of the board’s weight during jump but it can be a lot more when crashing in the water. Of course, I went through a couple of iteration before having the right Slicr settings for this type of parts and also learned a fit tricks to prevent wrapping.”


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