Coolest Thing of the Week is the AW3D 3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure

What Can you 3D Print with TPE?  An AW3D 3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure of Course.

Background of The 3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure

Everyone remembers science class when we had to create an “Embryonic Shock Suppression Unit” or, an egg drop enclosure. Yeah, that’s the one, the one where half the class ended up with A’s and the other half were a third of the way toward a three egg omelette on the school blacktop. Well, when Eva Wolf told us that one of her Wolf Cubs had an Egg Drop competition at school this week, we decided it was our duty to ensure that he had the most state of the art egg drop enclosure school yards have ever seen.

3D printed Egg Drop Side

Enter the AW3D “3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure”. We custom designed this enclosure to not only look awesome but to win. Printed out of  eggstreme flexible TPE filament, this Enclosure has great shock absorption while maintaining dimensional stability. We secured the whole thing together with High Flexural Elastomer Perpetual Loop devices (rubber bands), to allow for easy access to the precious cargo. The result, an unbeatable Egg Drop Enclosure!

Watch The 3D Printed Egg Drop in Action

But, don’t take my word for it, check out the sweet video of the 3D Printed AW3D Egg Drop Enclosure in action.

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Egg Drop Title