Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the A.X.I.O.S. Armor

A.X.I.O.S Armor in ABS

Advanced Xtreem Integrated Operating Scales, code-name AXIOS, is the newest Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week from Airwolf 3D!

AXIOS Bend small

AXIOS Printer 1

This flexible armor was printed fully assembled as one part on the Airwolf 3D HD printer.

AXIOS Shoulder

Now you can step up your Nerf game with armor that will move with you and adapt to whatever tactical situation you find yourself in.


The ability to print assemblies and integrated parts is one of the greatest draws of 3D printing. Possible applications for moveable parts can be found in every industry from 3D printed fashion to fully integrated Bio tissues in medical applications.

 But for now… well you get the picture


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Download Material List

Did you know that you can 3d print in over 40+ materials?

There are dozens of types of filaments available to you, including harder polymers such as polycarbonate and flexible materials such as TPU. Download this handy list of commonly used materials. This two page reference chart includes the recommended hotend temperature and bed temperature for optimal 3D printing settings of each material.