3D Printed Shoe in TPE

3d printed show in tpe

Why A 3D Printed Shoe?

Here at Airwolf 3D, we dream up new possibilities, try new things and push the envelope every day!  So when we received this new roll of TPE, we figured, “why not experiment with footwear?”  The team then started optimizing this print job and the result:  A 3D printed shoe that fits a 6 year old boy.

The shoe is 3D printed shoe is made in red TPE from Fenner.  The detail includes tiny circular holes for shoe laces.  We can’t wait to test it!

3d printed show in tpe

This shoe was designed by Thingiverse designer who goes by Recreus .  You can read more about this talented designer here: http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/03/11/filaflex-3d-printer-filament-shoes/