Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the Offline Glass

The Offline Glass

What’s worse than having your conversation being interrupted by a smartphone?  Ending the reign of cellular-addiction and breathing new life into the “bar conversation” is the goal behind the Offline Glass.  The glass does so by making it impossible to safely set down your brew without trapping your precious smartphone, thereby forcing you to interact with the people you are with, your friends *cringe.*



Brazilian art director Mauricio Perussi came up with the Offline Glass as a clever marketing ploy and John Biggs of TechCrunch issued the following challenge:

“You can’t buy one but, with the right tools, you could probably make a few. I’d like to see someone 3D print a few of these for house parties.”

So we at Airwolf 3D did just that.  Presenting the 3D Printed Offline Glass.

How It Works

It’s the glass that stands up straight if it rests on a cellphone.  If you remove your phone, your drink spills!


How To Get Make One

You can download the files right here and print one out with your Airwolf 3D printer.

Download STL file for Offline Glass [wpdm_file id=63]

We printed this piece with Taulman’s Bridge Nylon with great results.  Whatever the material, start off with the Airwolf defaults for MatterControl, set the layer height to .1mm and check the box for support.


Are you next?

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