Featured: 3D Printed Robots by Orbis Robotics

3D Printed Robots are Leading the Way in Manufacturing in a BIG WAY

Orbis Robotics, Inc. is using 3D printers in its design and manufacture of telepresence robots.

Orbis Robotics, Inc., located in Encinitas, CA, is using parts printed on the Airwolf 3D XL model in the design and manufacture of its telepresence robots.  Steve Gray, President and CEO of Orbis Robotics, acknowledges the Airwolf 3D printer to be a vital tool in his business that “puts you in two places at once.

Airwolf 3D Printers Assist Robot Revolution 

Orbis is using Airwolf’s XL printer with its generous build platform of 12” x 8” x 7” to produce some large parts for the Teleporter, a factory support robot that teleports key people into an office or onto a factory floor from anywhere in the world, whether it be the office, home, or Internet connected laptop. The technology makes it possible to conference in engineers and managers, as well as suppliers and subcontractors to help resolve problems in real time and expedite production. The benefits are obvious: reduced travel expenses and down time and improved overall product quality.

Orbis Robotics, Inc. Makes it Possible to Be in Two Places at Once

Orbis also offers the smaller Bi-Locator, an office support robot that teleports those working off-site into the office for video meetings and conferences. An Internet laser pointer helps draw the attention of the viewer to key locations on the screen. The Bi-Locator also makes it possible to safely and efficiently monitor normal operations, even in hazardous environments.
Gray’s observation that “Our low overhead approach to design and manufacturing permits us to respond quickly to the ever changing market of robotics and to offer our customers the lowest possible price for the highest quality products” is echoed by Erick Wolf, president of Airwolf 3D: “3D printers are famously flexible and efficient. We are delighted that Orbis is taking advantage of the large 3D printing build area we are offering.”

Functional Large 3D Printed Parts are Possible

3d printed robots blue

The photograph here shows the actual 3D printed robot and some of the large blue parts.  As you can see, some of the parts measure as large as 12 inches by 8 inches.  The parts are made in ABS plastic.  It is clear that the brilliant engineers at Orbis have mastered the concept of telepresence robots and picked up some serious skills in 3D printing large parts along the way.

Would you like to find out more about Orbis Robots?  Contact Orbis at 877-230-5273 or via email at info@orbisrobotics.com.

You can also see the Teleporter in action at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing in Anaheim.  Orbis Robotics, Inc. and Airwolf 3D will be exhibiting at this  upcoming tech expo scheduled for February 11-14, 2014.  For more information follow this link to the Pacific Design & Manufacturing event description.   Do you have 3D printed robots that you would like to see featured on the Airwolf 3D blog?  If so, drop us a tip at info@airwolf3d. com.