Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is our Flexible Bushing

coolest 3d printed thing

If You Can’t Find It…… 3D Print It!

Background:  During the development cycle of our largest 3D printer, we encountered the challenges of trying to source parts that do not exist.  To build a precise piece of equipment with exceptional performance and smooth movement, we had to roll up our sleeves and design some very interesting parts.  We then 3D printed our custom parts with specialty materials and tried various fill settings until they felt and functioned the way that we needed them to.  Along the way, we learned a few new things and invented a couple more neat things.

The coolest 3D printed thing of the week is our very own, custom designed flexible washer. 

Once such instance was the development of our very own custom bushings (or washers).  We now 3D print these ourselves, using TPE filament with the AW3D HD.  These awesome little washers are 3D printed in red, blue, white and black.  We make these in sets of 33 at a time.  This weeks coolest 3D printed parts may be small – but they are mighty! Click here to see a video of the flexible qualities of TPE.

coolest 3d printed thing flexible bushing

How and Why?

3D printers are become increasingly popular as a cost effective solution to create real parts from CAD models.  With a 3D printer on your desk, you can quickly produce custom parts by accurately depositing layer upon layer of plastic material until a 3D object is created.

CAD 3D Model=> STL format => Slicing Engine => Gcode => 3D Printer = Tangle Object

The user can quickly create tangible parts for your team to touch, feel and assess their design.

There is an increasing variety of filaments becoming available to consumers including nylon, flexible and rigid prototyping plastic and now thermoplastics.  With such a wide range of materials available, 3D printed parts can be used for everything from artistic architectural forms to functional car components.

Our customers span nearly every industry.  They are  utilizing Airwolf 3D printers to invent new things everyday and to produce stunning models of their creations. One could say that that the added benefit of having a desktop 3d printer (which often goes unnoticed) , is the serendipitous stumble onto a new idea!

Are you next?

If you would like to see your object featured on the Coolest 3D Printed Thing topic, please drop us an email at  Please remember to add the subject line “Coolest 3D Printed Thing” and include a Jpeg image.

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