Featured 3D Printed Prototype RadCam Sport

rapid prototyping 3d printer

This Months Featured 3D Print

This featured object was designed and 3D printed by a talented customer, Tyler Caros.  If you have a GoPro camera then this device is indispensable!   It is currently on Kickstarter.

rapid prototyping 3d printer rad cam

Made with KIT 3D printer: Airwolf 3D (AW3D XL) www.airwolf3d.com

Tyler Caros was originally trained at the Art Institute of Los Angeles as a 3D Animation Artist. He worked in this field for several years during which he developed an interest in designing and building remote controlled multicopters, including their onboard electronics and camera stabilization systems. Tyler is also skilled in 3D CAD design and has become an expert in the 3D printing field. With his vast experience and creativity Tyler has taken the latest technology and designed and built a robotic handheld stabilization system specifically designed and built for the GoPro Hero 3 and 3+.

For several years Tyler has been stabilizing cameras on numerous aerial cinematography and photography platforms. His interest in aerial camera stabilization eventually led to creating custom stabilization for numerous applications, including extreme sports, reality TV, news, auto sports, and much more.

The RadCam team felt that professional, affordable video stabilization equipment should be obtainable by anyone, and with that, the RadCam Sport was born.

The design started out on paper, and numerous sketches were drawn to visualize the first prototype. When Tyler finalized the idea and design, he took to their Airwolf 3D printer to create the first parts. After several tests to make sure things fit properly, and several 3D prints later, the RadCam Sport was ready for testing.

rapid prototyping 3d printer