Download Free File of 3D Printer Cover for Power Supply for your 5.5 3D Printer

download free file 3d print

It’s a Snap!  Cover Up Unsightly Terminals  on Your 3D Printer’s Power Supply

Just 3D print and snap on!

This is derived from a 12 Volt Power Supply Cover design by “Beekeeper” on

download free file 3d print download free file 3d print

download free file 3d print

AW3D V 4.5, 5, 5.5

[box type=”download”][wpdm_file id=48][wpdm_file id=49][/pwal] [/box] [box type=”warning”] Use Caution- Please make sure that your power supply is disconnected from power source and from your 3D printer before snapping on the cover.  If you forget the connection, please refer the the photo below for order of cables to terminals.[/box] [box type=”info”] FREE! Designed under the Attribution – Non-Commercial – Creative Commons license.[/box]


V.4, 5, 5.5 Instructions:

Carefully examine the order of the wire connections to the terminals of the power supply.  If possible, take a photograph.  the arrow on the white connector points to positive 12V.  The order on the connector (starting with the arrow) is +-+-.  For the wall power, black corresponds to “N”, white to “L” and green to “G.”  PLEASE CALL USE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR ARE UNSURE OF THE PROPER ORIENTATION OF THE WIRES.  Before proceeding further, ensure the power supply cables are disconnected from the power source (wall outlet) and from the Airwolf 3D printer.  Disconnect the wires from the power supply terminals by slightly loosening the bolts with a Phillips head screw driver – take caution not to unscrew the screw too far or it will fall out.  After the wires have been disconnected, feed them through the opening (long slit) on the 3d printed cover.  Reconnect the wires to the appropriate terminals on the power supply and tighten accordingly.  Before going further, ensure that the 3D printed cover is orientated the correct way.  Then snap on the cover to the power supply.