3D Printing Training by Airwolf 3D Weekend Course: From Concept To Prototype – Turning your ideas into Physical Models


3D Printing Training:  Learn About Modeling for 3D Printing, Operate a Desktop 3D Printer and Make Your Own Prototype Over the Weekend – In sunny Southern California.

3D PRINTING TRAINING  This class is full.  A new class has been scheduled for July 27th and 28th.

Do you have an idea that you want to make into a prototype? Do you want to quickly learn how to effectively operate a 3D printer but don’t want to spend months reading and then waste valuable time learning through trial and error? Then this intensive 2 day course may be the answer.  Get hands-on 3D printing training and walk away with a prototype.

This class is for inventors, tinkerers, artists, engineers and everyone in between who has intermediate computer skills and an idea for a prototype.

The specific topics to be covered in this class include:

Sketchup Basics – how to made a model that is ready to 3D print, completely manifold and then export it into STL format. Bring in your “back of the napkin” drawing or even your own STL file and lets have at it and optimize the object for successful printing.

Slic3r – how to take your STL file and “slice” it for optimal 3D printing on a RepRap-style 3D printer. We’ll cover speeds, infill, temperatures, materials, and just about every other variable necessary to master for successful 3D printing.

Pronterface/Repetier Host – how to operate a 3D printer with Pronterface and Repetier Host. We’ll take you through the process of setting up and tuning this open source software to give you a thorough understanding of the mechanics of 3D printing.

3D Printer Basics – how to calibrate, use various materials, feed filament, prep the 3D printing surface and many more valuable tips.  3D printing training is hands-on and each student is assigned a 3D printer.

Each student will have access to individual 3D printers on site to make their model into a physical prototype by the end of the first day. Models will print overnight.

On the second day, our instructors will work with the students on their models to optimize design and print settings and then the students will refine, slice, and print again. Throughout both days there should be plenty of time for one on one discussion and tutoring as the class will be limited to 8 students.

Schedule of events is as follows:

Sat, Jun 29th, 2013

The Basics of Sketchup for 3D Printing
9:30 AM PDT

Pizza and 3D Printers
12:00 PM PDT

Pronterface/Repetier Host
1:15 PM PDT

Operating a 3D Printer
4:00 PM PDT

Slic3r Optimization – Getting Good gCode
11:00 AM PDT

Sun, Jun 30th, 2013

Evaluate the Prototype and Tips to Improve It
9:30 AM PDT

Lunch at the Beach
12:00 PM PDT

Advanced Topics, Latest Trends, Tips and Tricks – More hands-on 3D Printing Training
1:15 PM PDT

Cost $1,499.  Limited to 8 students.  RSVP here: http://www.skillshare.com/From-Concept-To-Prototype-Turning-your-ideas-into-Physical-Models-with-a-3D-Printer/1093245928/78416131/

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