Airwolf 3D Printer Review

3D Printer and Customer Service Testimonial

TOPIC: Manufacturing field consumer – 3d printer has produced more in sellable products than it’s net costs for systems engineer.   More feedback inflection points are available here.

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The Airwolf 3D printer in my professional opinion is 2nd to none in the industry, I have counterparts in my business who have purchased 3D printers and literally spent 3-4 times what I spent on the Airwolf and their print quality can’t match what I am getting from my Airwolf. In fact 2 of my colleagues have visited my shop and personally witnessed the machine in action. I probably use my machine more than the average user because I’m in the manufacturing field. My company builds high-end camera systems for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, we use the Airwolf 3D printer to make very unique parts for these systems, and the outcome has been nothing short of AMAZING. The Airwolf 3D printer has saved my company tens of thousands of dollars for engineering fees and production fees especially since some of these parts are made just one time. Second and as important as the machine is the OUTSTANDING customer service provided by the Airwolf folks, when I first got the machine I had a few questions, they were answered on a phone with an actual person not a recording. They took the time to look at my designs and gave me advice on how to properly Slice each part to get the best outcome. One time they even set me up a configuration because I was running into some issues and I still use that exact configuration to this day. Their website is FULL of excellent advice and tutorials. In my opinion why anyone would look anywhere but Airwolf 3D for a QUALITY DURABLE RELIABLE 3D printer is beyond my imagination. Thank you Airwolf you truly have an outstanding product. (December ’12)
Thurmont, MD USA

Jim Deater
Systems Engineer

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