Nice Gears on Automatic Transmission Model made with 3D Printer

What can you make with a 3D printer?

3D Printers can make some amazing parts.  Our customer James creates a longer shaft for a Emmett’s Automatic Transmission Model and then makes it with his Airwolf 3D printer.

Colorful Gear Set Made with 3D Printer longer shaft for Emmett's Automatic Transmission made with 3D printer

James  states,
“I am very happy with my AirWolf3d Printer! The main thing I was wanting to do with a 3d printer was to print working mechanical components, such as gears and pulleys. I thought printing Emmett’s working model of an automatic transmission from thingiverse would be the perfect project to learn how to print accurate gears. The model allows one to change clutches and brakes in various positions to get different gear ratios. There are 6 forward speeds, including direct drive and overdrive, as well as 1 reverse speed. The modification I made of using a longer shaft also allows the model to demonstrate Neutral and Park positions.

The people at Airwolf have been very helpful with every aspect of my 3d printer, and support after my purchase has been exceptional. I am very impressed with the speed of the machine for fast prints, but equally impressed with it’s precision at lower speeds. I have only had my Airwolf 3d printer for about a month and I am very happy to be able to print items of this quality so quickly. I cannot be happier with the tolerances of the gears in my automatic transmission model, they mesh nicely, but do not bind, and do not slip, in fact there is almost no play in them at all. I am also very happy with the ease of changing filament colors with the Airwolf3d Printer, even multiple color changes during a single print are easy with the filament quick change system they have implemented. Many thanks to the people at Airwolf3d for developing their 3d printer and putting so much thought into the details of it. ”

All of these amazing and colorful gears and components where made with his Airwolf 3D Printer.  You can see more of James’ creations here:  James

colorful gear set made with 3D printer

Automatic transmission model gears made with an airwolf 3d printer