3D Print an Advent Calendar Puzzle Gift Tree

advent treel 121612

The featured 3D print is composed of puzzle pieces that come together to form an Advent Calendar in the shape of a tree.

This is a delightful holiday thing to make with your 3D printer.   Thank you Thingiverse contributor “Pleppik” for designing this 3D printed advent calendar puzzle.  There will be 25 puzzle pieces in the shape of a block (one for each of the 25 days leading to December 25th).  Each block has a custom formed slots to insert a differently shaped gift.   All of these blocks fit perfectly together and form a Christmas tree, sort of like Legos!  We have been 3D printing these blocks with ABS 3mm filament (interesting fact:  ABS is the same material that Legos are made with).

advent treel 121612

This thingy is titled “Advent Calendar” and was Created by  pleppik on Thingiverse!

advent tree puzzle pieces

Pleppik has been uploading a new block every day or so and we have been following these developments.  We have been making these parts on a standard Airwolf 3D printer with a .50 nozzle.  We have found that the design of  these models to be exceptional.  The tree thus far is well balanced.  The individual gifts parts are timeless and elegant and fit quite well into the openings.  The right and left sides of the tree have a nice profile due to the fact that the tree is not a perfect triangle, but was instead designed to have layers to resemble the overlapping branches of a tree (brilliant!).

So far the gifts include:

  1. Square box wrapped with ribbon
  2. Tall box wrapped with ribbon
  3. Downhill facing toboggan
  4. Star Wars Space Ship dramatically emerging at a slight incline from the block
  5. Train engine
  6. Snowman
  7. Lighted candle stick and holder (this is delightfully pulled out by the protruding handle)
  8. Mug (also delightfully pulled out by the protruding handle)
  9. Church with protruding Steeple
  10. Igloo
  11. Gingerbread House
  12. Makerbot Replicator 2 (download the optional Airwolf 3D printer gift)
  13. Christmas Tree
  14. Gingerbread Man
  15. Bell
  16. Candycane

Are you ready to 3D print this?

Download the gCode below and print with your Airwolf 3D printer – no support material is necessary.

You will need:

  • ABS filament

Day 1: Square box gift (Wrapped Present)

Day 2: Tall box wrapped with ribbon (with a bow)

Day 3: Downhill facing toboggan

Day 4: Star Wars Space Ship dramatically emerging at a slight incline from the block (X-wing)

Day 6: Snowman

Day 7: Lighted candle stick and on holder

Day 8: Mug

Day 9: Church With Steeple

Day 10: Igoo

Day 11: Gingerbread House

Day 13: Christmas Tree

Day 14: Gingerbread Man

Day 15: Bell

Day 16: Candycane

Day 17: Tardis

Be careful – includes small parts which may be a choking hazard for small children[/box]