Fast and Accurate 3D Printer Video Library

Interview 3D printer video

Library of Airwolf’s 3D Printer Videos, Rapid Prototyping In Action

Below are some video clips of our 3D Printers in action.  These videos are not edited and play in real time.  As you can see this is a very fast and precise 3D printer.

See the AW3D HD in Action, this is Airwolf 3D’s largest 3D printer model.

In the following 3D printer video, Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine talks to Erick Wolf of Airwolf about an additive manufacturing machine.

Interview 3D printer video

Click below to see Engineering TV Interview

October 16, 2013- Airwolf 3D Update Regarding New Material: TPE

This featured object in the following 3D printer video was made by a brilliant customer, Hector Gama.  Interesting note:  The top bar of the truck is printed without support material.  The extruder rapidly deposits the plastic from one end to the other without sagging.

Music:  “Dance Metal” by Hector Gama

3D model: DAZ 3D (Freak)

Estimated print time: about 80 hours
Section printed: 10 sections
Filament: PLA
Layer height: .3mm
Fill density: from .1 to .2
Support pattern spacing: 2.0mm
Filament color: white

Assembled Height: 25″

Customer Serge Romano made this 3D printer video to show off one one of his first prints on his recently assembled it: a fairly large catapult truck.

A customer assembles a 3D printer kit and then prints if very first parts in the following video.

In this 3D printer video, we quickly make a tiny toy truck.   It was 3D printed as a complete object with no assembly required.  The wheels on the truck turned upon removing the truck from the heated print bed.