How to Update Firmware in the Gen6 and RAMBo Circuit Boards Using Arduino

Periodically Airwolf updates the firmware in the 5.5 and XL machines to take advantage of faster and more accurate control algorithms as well as to enhance the user experience. The 5.5 uses a bulletproof Gen6 circuit board while the XL uses an equally strong, feature-laden RAMBo circuit board from Ultimachine.  The Gen6 uses Repetier-based firmware (with […]

repetier host

How to slice your STL files in Repetier Host with Slic3r

Once you upgrade your host software to Repetier Host, you need to learn how to slice your STL in Repetier Host (rather than downloading and opening up Slic3r independently).  Here are the easy steps to get you slicing in no time: 1. With Repetier Host open, click the “Slicer” tab on the right hand side […]

invirotex lite

Coating ABS parts with clear reactive polymer

Creative coating for your 3D printed objects   Have you ever wanted to coat your creations with a tough but simple solution that will protect from the sun and other elements?  This is the solution we have discovered that works and is inexpensive. First you will need a few items. 1)      A pair of rubber […]

Installing unsigned Gen6 and RAMBo Drivers for Windows 8

Windows 8 by default will not let you install unsigned drivers. This means that a Windows 8 computer will not recognize either the AW3D v.5.5 Gen6 board or AW3D XL RAMBo board unless you follow the steps shown below to start Windows 8 in “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” mode: 1. Move the cursor over the […]

Airwolf 3D Printer Configurations for Repetier Host

Once you become familiar with your 3D printer and slicing, we highly recommend that you upgrade your host software from Pronterface to Repetier Host.  The reasons are simple, more control of prints (speed and flow rate), easy object manipulation and scaling, and easy integrated slicing.  Here are the steps to download and setup Repetier Host […]

hot end view from below

Troubleshooting Jammed Hot End

The most important part of your 3d printer is the hot end, and at times…the most frustrating!  Rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to make the best hot end in the industry and that we have logged thousands of hours on these hot ends to test their durability.  Also rest assured that […]

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