Why Buy From Airwolf 3D?

What makes the Airwolf 3D printer the best?

    • This is the FASTEST, most precise and most dependable 3D printer in this price range. Each machine is leveled, fully calibrated and operated for 5-10 hours before shipping out.
    • The nozzle is interchangeable from a standard .5mm orifice to a .35mm orifice for higher resolution 3D printing.
    • It can print with PLA, ABS and Polycarbonate (ABS is recommended for ease of use).
    • The price is $1,695, yet AW3D v.5 performs at nearly the same level as a $19,000 3D printer.
    • This printer is always evolving and becoming even faster and more accurate. Upon request, we will send you the gcode to print out new parts and upgrade your existing Airwolf 3D printer.
    • It is made in the USA.  We work with local machine shops, laser cutters and we do our best to buy from local suppliers.
    • If you use LabView you may be interested in knowing that we are teaming up with National Instruments as they have taken an interest in customizing Labview to operate the Airwolf 3D printer at NI Week 2012.
    • See what our customers are saying about us.  Our customers include:




    • Includes a 6 month warranty on parts. If you are local, bring it by so we can help!
    • Includes 6 months of phone and email support.
    • The Airwolf 3D has been customized by a mechanical engineer with 25+ years of hands-on automotive experience.
    • All components are high quality, starting from the machined parts on the hot end down to the perfectly concentric hobbed bolt which feeds filament to the extruder.
    • Our 3D printer operates with powerful, customizable open source software – all free (donations to developers are encouraged).