July 06, 2015

The Airwolf 3D AXIOM CoreXY 3D Printer

The all-new AXIOM demonstrates the high degree of speed, precision, and print quality that is possible from a corexy 3d printer.

AXIOM is a clean-sheet design using a single, high-temperature, proprietary hot-end to print high-resolution prototypes, molds and products in over 30 different, thermoplastic materials in a fraction of the time of competing products.

AXIOM uses a state-of-the-art CoreXY motion control system for high-speed movement and precise control of the print head. Utilizing a fully enclosed housing made of extruded aluminum and injection molded polycarbonate components, AXIOM can print pieces as large as 12.5”x8”x10” on its all new Ceramic Build Plate, which is three to four times larger than competing products. The fully enclosed printer comes with a standard heated bed that creates a consistent heat environment for printing large, high-resolution parts at layer heights as low as 40 microns. The printer supports a wide range of thermoplastics - from low-temperature materials like TPU and PLA, to high-temperature materials like nylon and polycarbonate.

Ease-of-use has been paramount in the design with the integration of a print bed auto-leveling system. Prior to every 3D print, the four-point print bed leveling system automatically calibrates the print bed ensuring the proper initial layer height and orientation, and then actively maintains that leveling throughout the entire print process. When combined with AstroPrint - a cloud-based slicing and printer management system - users can simply select the AXIOM, the desired print material and the print resolution all in a matter of seconds. Print files can be sent to the AXIOM through one of the four standard connections - wireless, Ethernet, USB, or micro SD card. This integrated approach results in the AXIOM being an easy to operate product while producing high fidelity prints not possible with other existing FDM printers.

For serviceability and upgradability, Airwolf 3D has designed an innovative End-User Replaceable Cassette (ERC). The extruder and CoreXY assembly has been integrated into a single ‘cassette’ that is field replaceable by the end-user. This unique approach allows the product to be serviced quickly minimizing downtime. The ERC also allows end-users to upgrade to the latest technology easily thus protecting their initial purchase investment.