XL 3D Printer Kit to Build it Yourself

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Package for DIY 3D Printer Kit – Presoldered

Personal 3D Printer, Model:  AW3D XL


Details:  3D Printer Kit arrives unassembled and presoldered.  This is the best DIY 3d printer kit on the market.  This 3d printer is much, much easier to use, maintain, and set up than the standard repraps.  It will also print larger, faster, and more accurately than anything else you will find in this price range.  Model:  AW3D XL, click here to learn more about this 3d printer.

A 3D Printer Kit will ship within 14 days and is FINAL sale.

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Price:  $1,895 – FINAL SALE

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Your 3D printer kit arrives carefully packaged with the all components necessary to assemble a fully functional 3D printer including:

  • Threaded & Smooth Rods are cut to length with well finished ends
  • 1- Complete Set Of Acrylic Panels
  • 1 – Hotend /Extruder Stepper Motor Assembled (with 0.50 nozzle), Soldered With Connectors
  • 3 – Microswitches Soldered With Lead Wires And Connectors
  • Stepper Motors Soldered with Lead Wires And Connectors
  • 1- Book “3D Printer Kit Assembly Instructions” 100+ pages with photographs in color
  • 1- Heat Bed With Wiring Soldered
  • Lower Y Platform (Aluminum) And Upper Y Platform (Aluminum)
  • Ball Bearings and Linear Bearings (rather than bushings)
  • Nylon Spacers
  • Springs Cut To Length
  • Flexible Z Couplers
  • All necessary Nuts/Washers/ Bolts
  • 1 Concentric M8 Hobbed Bolt
  • Gt2 Belts Cut To Length
  • Black Woven Wire Casing /Plastic Wrap Around Casing To Hide Unsightly Wires
  • Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • 1 – 2.5 Hex Allen Wrench
  • 1 – 3 Hex Allen Wrench
  • 4 – Binder Clips
  • 1 – Flash Drive With Software Loaded
  • 1 – USB Cable (6 feet)
  • 36 – Plastic Parts (Gears, Extruder Body, Etc) in Off-White /natural color ABS (hardest plastic)
  • 1 – Pre-Programmed RAMBo Circuit Board
  • 1 – Spool With Filament
  • 1 – Power Supply (Switchable/Adjustable 115 To 220)
  • 1 – Borosilicate Glass Plate With Pet Tape Installed
  • 1 – Book “User Manual “
  • Extra Nuts / Washers/ Bolts
  • Note:  You will need access to basic tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.
  • 3D Printer Kit arrives with off white/ Natural colored ABS parts.  Please feel to contact us if you have a special color preference.

Click here to read what consumers are saying about this 3D printer kit and to see a video and overview of the 3d printer kit assembly process.

Below is a spec sheet which details some of the details of our 3d printer kit.

Model: AW3D XL
Country: USA Manufacturer
Assembled: Yes
Build envelope (X,Y,Z): 12″X 8″X 7″ (300 mm x 200 mm x 178 mm)
Lead time: 10 days
Nozzle diameter (mm): .5 (.35 is optional)
Layer thickness (mm): .25 (.1 to .4 possible)
Speed (mm/s): Perimeter 150 mm/s, Travel 300 mm/s, Small Perimeters 80 mm/s
Positioning precision: .04 mm
Input format: GCode
Software: Repetier Firmware, Pronterface Print Controller, Slic3R GCode generator
System compatibility: Windows/Mac
Size (W,D,H): 21″x 18″x 17.75″ (533 mm x 457 mm x 450 mm )
Power supply: 12V DC, 360W, 30A
Weight (kg): 11 kg (24 lbs)


Support: Includes 2 hours of phone support at set up and 6 months of our unparalleled e-mail support.  Other resources include:

User Manual3D Printer Wiki and FAQsContact Customer Support


  • Phone:
  • (949) 478-AW3D
  • (949) 478-2933


Email: All inquiries are addressed within 24 hours. When contacting us via email, please include a phone number, preferred hours of contact and time zone.

  • Technical Support: tech@airwolf3d.com
  • Transactional Support: eva@airwolf3d.com
  • General Questions: info@airwolf3d.com

Se habla Espanol.

  • 3D printer kits are shipped via Priory Service  – United States Postal.
  •  Local pick up is available in the surrounding California areas:  Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Inland Empire.
  • Certain colors are special order and may delay delivery for 5 days.
  • International Buyers are welcomed! Please contact us for a shipping quote.
  • Please email info@airwolf3d.com for estimated shipping costs and duties

ready to be shipped 3D PRINTER KIT IN BOX

What makes the Airwolf 3D printer the best?

  • This is the FASTEST, most precise and most dependable 3D printer in this price range. Each assembled machine is leveled, fully calibrated and operated for 10-15 hours before shipping out.
  • The nozzle is interchangeable from a standard .50 orifice to a .35 orifice for higher resolution 3D printing.
  • It can print with PLA, ABS and Polycarbonate.
  • The price is $2,295, yet AW3D XL performs at nearly the same level as a $19,000 3D printer.
  • This printer is always evolving and becoming even faster and more accurate. Upon request, we will send you the gcode to print out new parts and upgrade your 3D printer.
  • It is made in the USA.  We work with local machine shops, laser cutters and we do our best to buy from local suppliers.
  • Alternatively, if you use LabView you may be interested in knowing that we are teaming up with National Instruments as they have taken an interest in customizing Labview to operate the Airwolf 3D printer at NI Week 2012.
  • Our customers include:

Airwolf 3d customer  Airwolf 3d customerAirwolf 3d customerAirwolf 3d customerAirwolf 3d customer

  • Assembled machines includes a 6 month warranty on parts. If you are local, bring it by so we can help!
  • Includes 6 months of phone and email support.
  • The Airwolf 3D XL has been customized by a mechanical engineer with 25+ years of hands-on automotive experience.
  • All components are high quality, starting from the machined parts on the hot end down to the perfectly concentric hobbed bolt which feeds the filament to the extruder.
  • Our 3D printer operates with powerful, customizable open source software – all free (donations to developers are encouraged).

This video shows the assembly process.  It was produced by a customer.

Order your 3D Printer Kit today.

All KIT sales are FINAL.

Price: $1,895.00
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