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Are you in the market to buy an entry level 3D printer that can make larger scale prototypes? HDL offers scalability to add more technically advanced features later.

The HDL delivers the same award-winning quality and technical support as the company’s high-end 3D units with the scalability to add more technically advanced features later.

With an MSRP of $2,295.00, the HDL is ideal for educators, professionals and resellers desiring a 3D printer that meets their needs without breaking their budgets. As their requirements grow, however, the HDL’s modular design keeps pace, allowing users to gradually add capabilities such as the jam-resistant JRx hot end or dual hot-end that print engineering-grade filaments like polycarbonate and Bridge nylon.

The HDL features a class-leading build envelope of 1,100 cubic inches (12” x 8” x 11”), which is three to four times larger than competitors at a similar price. The printer offers layer-to-layer resolution as fine as 0.08 mm and a maximum speed of 150 mm/s. It comes fully assembled and calibrated.

Print media include:

  • Biodegradable PLA
  • Soft PLA
  • LayBrick
  • LayWood
  • BronzeFill
  • TPE
  •  TPU filaments.

This professional 3D printer built in response to customers asking for a high-quality unit at an aggressive price point. The only difference between it and our most advanced 3D printer is the absence of technically advanced features, which can easily be added as needs and budgets dictate.


In stock now.

Price $2,295 –  AW3D HDL: 3D Printer with 0.5 mm orifice nozzle





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What is Included?

3D printers arrive carefully packaged with the following items:

  • Integrated Power supply
  • .50 orifice nozzle (.35 orifice nozzle  is optional)
  • Tempered glass plate covered with RED tape
  • One user guide (paper bound)
  • 2 pound spool of PLA filament (3 mm)
  • Flash drive with all necessary software
  • USB cord
  • Set of Allen wrenches
  • 2 hour training at our facility in Costa Mesa, CA



Note:  Local pick up and hands-on training in available in Costa Mesa, CA.  Serving the surrounding California areas:  Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Inland Empire.  

Below is a spec sheet which details some of the details of our 3d printer.

Model:  AW3D HDL
Country: USA Manufacturer 
Assembled: Yes
Prints with Materials: PLA, LayBrick, LayWood, TPE, TPU
Build envelope WxDxH: 12″X 8″X 11″ (300 mm x 200 mm x 280 mm)
Build volume: 1,100 cubic inches (18,025 cubic centimeters)
Nozzle diameter (mm): .5
Min. Layer thickness (mm): .08
Max Speed (mm/s): 150 mm/s
Theoretical positioning precision (mm): .02
Input format: GCode
Software: MatterControl (custom configured), Marlin Firmware, compatible with Repetier Host Print Controller, Slic3r GCode generator
System compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
Size WxDxH:  24″ x 18″ x 18″ (600 mm x 440 mm x 450 mm)
Power supply: Internal auto-switching 13.5V DC, 150W
Weight (kg): 16 kg
  • Fully assembled 3D printers are shipped via UPS within the US and via DHL for international shipments.
  • International Buyers are welcomed! Please contact us for a shipping quote.
  • Please email for estimated shipping costs and duties
Support:  When you buy a 3D printer from us, you will receive 2 hours of phone support at set up and 6 months of our unparalleled e-mail support.  Other resources include:

User Manual3D Printer Wiki and FAQsCustomer Support


3d printer customer service

  • Phone:
  • (949) 478-AW3D
  • (949) 478-2933


Email: All inquiries are addressed within 24 hours. When contacting us via email, please include a phone number, preferred hours of contact and time zone.

  • Technical Support:
  • Transactional Support:
  • General Questions:

Se habla Espanol.

Why buy a 3D printer from us?  Airwolf 3D printers are the best and this is why:

    • This is the FASTEST, most precise and most dependable 3D printer in this price range. Each machine is leveled, fully calibrated and operated for 15 hours before shipping out.
    • The nozzle is interchangeable from a standard .50 orifice to a .35 orifice for higher resolution 3D printing.
    • It can print with at least 6 different materials.
    • The price is $2,295, yet AW3D HDL performs at levels normally reserved for printers costs many times more.
    • It is made in the USA.  We work with local machine shops, laser cutters and source products from local suppliers.
    • Our customers include:


    • Includes a 6 month warranty on parts. If you are local, bring it by so we can help!
    • Includes 6 months of phone and email support.
    • The Airwolf 3D has been customized by a mechanical engineer with 25+ years of hands-on automotive experience.
    • All components are high quality, starting from the machined parts on the hot end down to the perfectly concentric hobbed bolt which feeds the filament to the extruder.
    • Our 3D printers are compatible with powerful, customizable open source software – (donations to developers are encouraged) and we also offer a custom software solution – MatterControl.
    • Follow this link to read 3D printer reviews from our customers.  We have also received very good feed back on eBay.
Price: $2,295.00
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