Borosilicate Glass Plate for 3D Printer V.5


3D Printer Borosilicate Glass Plate (214 mm x 200 mm)

There is no better surface to print ABS on.  While one object is cooling down you can start 3d printing the next object on this additional glass plate.

This borosilicate glass plate is suitable for several makes and models of 3D printers, including the following Airwolf 3D Printer series:  AW3D V.4, V.5 and V.5.5

Specifications are as follows:

Material:  Low Expansion Borosilicate Glass

Size: 214mm (+/-1.0MM) x 200mm (+/-1.0MM)

Thickness: 3.3 mm (consistent, meaning that there is little-to no need to adjust the height)

Edges:  Ground with machined beveled

Faces:  Commercially clear (delivered without PET tape, also available with PET tape installed – see drop down for option below)  Learn about PET film application method here.

Temperature rating = 500 degrees F (260 C) for maximum continuous operation

3D Printer BOROSILICATE GLASS BED beveled-edge

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