3D Printer PET Tape 8 X 12 Sheets with Liner. Pack of 5

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Why 3D Printer PET Tape 8 X 12 Sheets with Liner. Pack of 5?

Every new Airwolf 3D printer and 3D printer kit comes standard with a borosilicate glass plate covered with polyester (PET) tape. We find that ABS adheres to 3D printer PET tape more reliably than Kapton tape and that PET tape is more durable than Kapton, resulting in better part stick and less tears to the printing surface.

This film can be applied using the dry method or using a “wet” method, which is similar to applying tint to a car window. The benefit here is that this is a good method for beginners, as the wet film is much more forgiving and can be manipulated and re-positioned during application. The downside is that the film will need to “cure” for at least 10 hours, during which time the moisture will evaporate and the PET will adhere to the glass well. If you use the glass too soon, you run the risk of forming bubbles under the PET film when the glass is heated up.
3D Printer PET Tape is sometimes also referred to as: 3M PET film, PET tape, PET sheet, poly film, green polyester tape, high temperature masking tape. Click here for some helpful tips for PET film application to 3D Printer Glass.

3D Printer PET Tape 8 X 12 Sheets with Liner. Pack of 5

3D Printer PET Tape

Product Details

This product is a film that is much thicker than other 3D printer PET tapes and therefore will last longer and result in less tears. It also resists edge lifting. Tight on contact, clean removal even after 400°F baking. Your removal is easy and the superior silicone adhesive does not leave behind sticky residue. These sheets are designed to fit a 307mm x 214mm glass. This is the glass on the XL printer. There is no need to struggle with finding an edge to lift up the liner as these sheets are scored on two edges for easy removal.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Pack of 5

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