.35 vs. .50 mm nozzle

.35mm nozzle vs. .50. Which one is right for you?

.35mm Nozzle vs. .50mm. What is the difference? “Which nozzle is best? .35mm or .50mm?”. This is one of the most common questions that prospective customers have when researching their 3D printer options.  Airwolf 3D offers customers the option of purchasing .35mm nozzles but it is not always clear why they might actually prefer the .50mm nozzle over […]


Why should I buy from an Airwolf 3D authorized reseller?

Why should I buy from an Airwolf 3D authorized reseller? Resellers are people or companies that purchase products from a manufacturer or wholesaler and then re-sell the merchandise for profit. But not every reseller is alike. There are freelance resellers and there are authorized resellers. Many freelance resellers are simply entrepreneurial people who find good […]

What is the Difference between t-glase and PETG?

 What is the difference between t-glase and PETG? There is frequently some confusion on the difference between T-glase and PETG. The short answer is that T-glase (pronounced TEE-Glass) is the trade name that Taulman 3D has given to their formulation of PETG, which was originally named “Taulman 810”. Technically-speaking both products are PETG, but the difference […]

smoothing stl

Smoothing STL files made in Sketchup with Blender for 3D printing

A Word About SketchUp Sketchup is one of our favorite 3D modeling tools here at Airwolf.  It is easy to learn, easy to use, and is capable of some incredible detail.  However, Sketchup is primarily a surface modeler.  In other words, objects are first drawn as surfaces and then must later be connected to form solid […]