Airwolf 3D Printer Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Some 3D printer reviews from customers who have purchased the Airwolf 3D assembled machine or comprehensive kit package.

Our clients have great things to say about their experience with Airwolf 3D.  Read these and see why this is the best 3D printer on the market.  This is only a small a sampling of the 3D printer reviews and testimonials received by our staff.  Some of our client testimonials are below:


Terry Wayne Weigel
Terry Wayne Weigel USA
Their products, Airwolf 3d printers, are definitely winners, this company is destined to become a front runner in this industry, with its reasonable price and outstanding service. (Sept. ’14)

Danny Loya, Teacher
Danny Loya, Teacher El Modena HS, CA
The results were remarkable. Everything from character design to space shuttles, cars, tanks, jeeps and fancy jewelry rings(Sept. ’14)

DesignBox3D Sandusky, OH USA
We really like the quality of @airwolf3d #PLA and #ABS. (Sept. ’14)

Precision Optical
Precision Optical Costa Mesa, CA
…..3D printer has proved invaluable to the engineering and design process(Sept. ’14)

R. Shahd
R. Shahd Austin, TX USA
We’ve have ZERO failures on any of the parts we’ve run and each time, the quality gets better and better as we figure out the feed and speed rates (Sept. ’14)

L. Keppner
L. Keppner Undisclosed, OH USA
Printed the cat.gcode on your samples. Wow!!! I am even more in love with this printer(August ’14)

Colin C.
Colin C. R, Kentucky 40162 USA
I don’t easily recommend products unless I am very impressed and I am for sure VERY impressed with the HDx2 printer…..Every print comes out clean and perfect on the HDx2.(Aug. ’14)

Bob T.
Bob T. Pickering, On, Canada
I use my Airwolf 3DXL almost daily, and I love it. (August ’14)

Marcos Luna C
Marcos Luna C Vera Cruz, Mexico
We want to share our printed objects ! We made them with the amazing Airwolf3D HD. We love these printers! (Aug. ’14)

Kasey S.
Kasey S. Philadelphia, PA
Just installed our Dual Extruder upgrade. Would like to thank Eva and the Wolf Pack!! and a personal thank you to Cameron. I am just floored by the quality of your products!(August ’14)

D. Kothrade
D. Kothrade San Diego, CA USA
This Airwolf printer is AWESOME!!! Set up was so easy. I’ve been printing already for 7 hours.  I’M BEYOND THRILLED!!! (March ’13)

N. Frost
N. Frost Columbus, OH USA
Wow… we just received our XL today. It is awesome. I have some experience with other popular printers and the Airwolf blows them away… First print of the calibration circle was a success followed by a successful hear shaped box print. Thank you guys for an awesome product!(June ’13)

G. Rose
G. Rose Ottawa, ON Canada
The XL ANIMAL!!!! All it says is FEED ME FILAMENT!  The XL is running GREAT.  It has been running at least 18 hours a day for the past 3 weeks + without missing a beat.  To add to that I have well over a solid 51 hour printing backlog with the backlog looking at getting bigger. (October ’13)
Jerry Baccari
Jerry Baccari Los Angeles, CA USA
 Just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my AirWolf printer. It’s a little over a year old and still going strong without any issues. Upgrading to the latest MaterControl software has really improved my prints. I couldn’t be happier with the product.  Wishing you continued success. (October ’13)

J. Strumer
J. Strumer Syosset, NY USA
I would just like to tell you that I absolutely love my printer that I purchased from you guys. I also love how well your customer service is. (July ’12)
A. Pinto
A. Pinto Wichita, KS USA
The prints are looking FANTASTIC…..This is going to save us a lot of time in finishing. Thanks for the updated firmware and tips. This blows the socks off the stuff we’ve gotten from a $30k …printer my friend has. I won’t tell him how much the Airwolf costs us :) (July ’12)
N. Togneri
N. Togneri Pudong, Shanghai, China
Woo-hoo we are printing! It’s awesome, thank you! (September ’12)

Wolfgang Linz, Austria
Have printed the radar dome so far- looking good! (r=180 mm height=92 mm)… Well- as said, I really like this printer! (November ’12)
K. Sherman
K. Sherman Rancho Cordova, CA USA
I just wanted to thank you guys for the fast shipment of the printer. I am already up and running with no problems so far! I am very impressed with the workmanship and overall quality of the entire package. I am a cnc programmer and injection moldmaker so I will have countless uses for it!   Thanks again,(December ’12)

Z. Bruce
Z. Bruce California USA
Communication with the Seller is the best I have had.                                                                         Very good product!!! (May ’12)

J. Deater
J. Deater Thurmont, MD USA
The Airwolf 3D printer in my professional opinion is 2nd to none in the industry, I have counterparts in my business who have purchased 3D printers and literally spent 3-4 times what I spent on the Airwolf and their print quality can’t match what I am getting from my Airwolf. In fact 2 of my colleagues have visited my shop and personally witnessed the machine in action. I probably use my machine more than the average user because I’m in the manufacturing field. My company builds high-end camera systems for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, we use the Airwolf 3D printer to make very unique parts for these systems, and the outcome has been nothing short of AMAZING. The Airwolf 3D printer has saved my company tens of thousands of dollars for engineering fees and production fees especially since some of these parts are made just one time. Second and as important as the machine is the OUTSTANDING customer service provided by the Airwolf folks, when I first got the machine I had a few questions, they were answered on a phone with an actual person not a recording. They took the time to look at my designs and gave me advice on how to properly Slice each part to get the best outcome. One time they even set me up a configuration because I was running into some issues and I still use that exact configuration to this day. Their website is FULL of excellent advice and tutorials. In my opinion why anyone would look anywhere but Airwolf 3D for a QUALITY DURABLE RELIABLE 3D printer is beyond my imagination. Thank you Airwolf you truly have an outstanding product. (December ’12)

Customer Service Feedback

As you can see we from these testimonials, we strive to provide excellent customer service and to sell the very best 3D printer products.

J. Richters
J. Richters Brooksville, FL USA
I am very happy with my AirWolf3d Printer! The main thing I was wanting to do with a 3d printer was to print working mechanical components, such as gears and pulleys. I thought printing Emmett’s working model of an automatic transmission from thingiverse would be the perfect project to learn how to print accurate gears. The model allows one to change clutches and brakes in various positions to get different gear ratios. There are 6 forward speeds, including direct drive and overdrive, as well as 1 reverse speed. The modification I made of using a longer shaft also allows the model to demonstrate Neutral and Park positions. The people at Airwolf have been very helpful with every aspect of my 3d printer, and support after my purchase has been exceptional. I am very impressed with the speed of the machine for fast prints, but equally impressed with it’s precision at lower speeds. I have only had my Airwolf 3d printer for about a month and I am very happy to be able to print items of this quality so quickly. I cannot be happier with the tolerances of the gears in my automatic transmission model, they mesh nicely, but do not bind, and do not slip, in fact there is almost no play in them at all. I am also very happy with the ease of changing filament colors with the Airwolf3d Printer, even multiple color changes during a single print are easy with the filament quick change system they have implemented. Many thanks to the people at Airwolf3d for developing their 3d printer and putting so much thought into the details of it.
T. Truong
T. Truong Prescott Valley, AZ USA
THANK YOU soooo much for the amazing printer. For all to know, I ordered on Sunday night, got it Wed Morning, and have now been calibrating and testing and while still learning the process, this is an AMAZING machine. The customer service and tech support was a big reason why I choose to go for this printer and it’s been well worth it. Save yourself some headache cuz I honestly would be lost without their support. Thanks Airwolf 3D!!! (March ’16)
B. Dubendorff
B. Dubendorff Costa Mesa, CA USA
The service is great.  Picked it up a couple of weeks ago and it’s already paid for itself.  (October 2013)

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