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Why Lease?

For individuals, small businesses, and corporations, leasing offers an alternative to purchasing. Estimates show that over 80 percent of companies lease some or all of their capital equipment. Leasing provides the following advantages:

  • Higher Purchasing Power – Leasing typically allows a lessee to acquire more equipment or higher-end products that better fit their needs.
  • No Down Payment – Leasing has no down payment, which allows you to get the equipment you need today.
  • Improved Cash Flow – The terms of the lease can be matched to the useful life of the asset to allow better management of cash flow.
  • Service – You may be able to include accessories, a service contract, or other items into your lease.
  • Favorable Tax Treatment – Leasing may provide the option to deduct lease payment. Consult with your accountant or tax expert to see if leasing is right for you.


Airwolf 3D Leasing Plans

Airwolf 3D has partnered with two leading financial institutions: TimePayment Corporations and Marlin Leasing Corporation to assist you in leasing Airwolf 3D products. These companies provide favorable lease rates, outstanding customer service, and tailored leasing plans to suit your specific needs.

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Leasing Procedure

If you would like to lease Airwolf 3D products, please complete the following steps:

  • Click on one or both of the below links to complete an online credit application.
  • Once submitted, a representative from the company will be contacting you to discuss leasing options based on your approval and your credit rating.
  • Upon approval, an Airwolf 3D sales consultant will contact you to finalize your order.
  • Complete and sign all the necessary leasing documents.
  • Submit your first payment.

When all of these steps are completed, the product will be on its way to you promptly!


For Commercial Accounts, Click Here:

Time Payment Button leasing plans

For Consumer Accounts, Click Here:

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Commercial Accounts Only, Click here:

 Marlin Leasing leasing plans

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