Airwolf 3D Buying Guide

What is a desktop 3d Printer?

Spools of ABS Filament

In a nutshell it is a desktop factory, capable of performing additive manufacturing for personal and professional use.  A 3D printer creates objects in plastic by heating up and laying down very thin layers of a material called “filament.”  In the past, if you needed a prototype, the only alternative was to use the professional services of a very high end machine (costing $100,000’s).  The costs of 3D printers has gone down in recent years, making this technology available to the masses for domestic use.

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What type of 3d-maker are you?

Are you a tinkerer, serious engineer, mechanic, artist,  teacher, student, entrepreneur, hobbyist, or inventor? Identifying your basic needs and wants from your 3D printer is the first step in purchasing a machine.



Airwolf 3D Printer Models

  • HDR: The HDR is Airwolf 3D’s flagship model. Thanks to its dual high-temperature printing head it is capable of printing with two different types of material–or two different colors–without having to stop the print job to load new filament. Another benefit of the high-temperature JR2X print head is its ability to print in over 30 different materials, including many cutting edge nylon based products that require high temperatures to extrude. The HDR also incorporates wireless syncing and slicing capability thanks to its integrated WiFi controller. Wireless slicing is especially useful for users with slower computers/devices because all of the computation is performed by powerful cloud-based servers rather than the user’s device. Users may also use the free 8″ Android tablet that comes with the HDR, or they may use a mobile device of their own choosing; the HDR is compatible with both, Android and iOS devices.
  • HD2x: The HD2x is capable of dual extruder printing with either two colors or two materials at a time. If you are looking to print very complex geometry with overhangs, contours or inner channels, a printer which features a dual extruder is a must. The HD2x is not only capable of dual extruder printing, but can also print with over 30 materials, including but not limited to engineering-grade materials such as polycarbonate and nylon.
  • HDx:  The HDx is the perfect choice for high-strength applications where materials like polycarbonate and nylon are needed. Like it’s big brother the HD2x, the HDx is capable of printing in over 30 materials. The HDx features the same construction as the HD2x, but with only one extruder. A dual extruder can be added as needed, as the HD line of 3D printers is modular.
  • HD: With one of the largest build envelopes in it’s class, the HD is capable of printing in over 15 different materials. Featuring a minimum layer height of .06mm (60 microns), the HD provides excellent resolution and speed at a great price. If you are looking to print with mainly PLA and ABS materials, the HD is a perfect choice.
  • HDL: In the classroom or in the home, the HDL is a simple, but powerful 3D printer aimed at education. Without the complexity of a heated bed, the HDL is an affordable machine which excels in PLA and flexible material printing. With the same large build envelope as the HD and HDx, the HDL is an affordable machine sharing many premium features of the HD line of 3D printers.


 When Shopping for your 3DPrinter consider doing the following:

  • Order a sample printed object to examine the quality of printer’s output.
  • Peruse around forums and investigate a vender’s reputation, reviews and feedback within the 3D printer community.
  • Look at the vender’s support options, such as availability of a “questions and answers wiki”, email support system, phone support and new 3d Printer set up.
  • Carefully review the vender’s return policy.


With the purchase of an Airwolf 3D printer, you also get the benefits of:

  • AW3D member customer support
  • Access to future enhancements: our machines are modular, so as new technology is released, you are able to upgrade your current machine to the latest and greatest model.
  • 2 Hour live phone support at set up (based on location, time zone, when the printer was received)
  • 12 months parts warranty
  • 6 months tech support via email and/or phone







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