Free Download and 3D Print Our Functioning Catapult Model

Free Download and 3D Print Our Functioning Catapult Model

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Download and 3D Print Our Functioning Catapult Model free 

An original Airwolf 3D Design. Download the STL file below and print with your Airwolf 3D printer – no support material is necessary.

profile yellow 3d printed catapult

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You will need:

  • 4  - M3 x 10 bolts
  • 1 – M4 x 25 bolt
  • 1- M4 nut
  • 1 – rubber band
  • Foam balls or other small soft objects to launch


Available downloadable files:  STL for Catapult and G-code for Airwolf 3D printers (.5mm nozzle)

Be careful – you can shoot your eye out!
FREE! Designed under the Attribution – Non-Commercial – Creative Commons license.


rear view of 3d printed yellow catapult

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yellow 3d printed catapult side view

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yellow catapult aimed at you

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catapult unassembled yellow airwof 32

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Slice the stl file with your favorite slicer-we run one outer perimeters at 100mm/s and use 35% fill with Slic3r.

Note: No support is necessary if you have decent bridging ability.

After the part is printed, use an exacto to trim as necessary.
To clean up the holes (and make assembly easier), use appropriately sized drill bits.
Thread 1 M4x25mm bolt through the catapult base (optional opening for M4 nut on the opposite side included).
Then thread 4 M3x10mm bolts through the wheels and into the corresponding holes in the frame.
Attach a rubber band around the catapult and bumper and you are good to go!

Be careful not to hurt yourself or anybody else – this a tough design that can launch items up to 20 feet!

Note:  The catapult below was printed with a larger model 3d printer – the AW3D XL.

XL catapult 3d printer airwolf

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